4 Reasons Why Content Is (and Always Will Be) King...

4 Reasons Why Content Is (and Always Will Be) King...

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Content is king. It's the blood of everything from algorithms to brands. It can capture the attention of the fleeting eyes of the masses and is the white whale of the day. And with only seconds to use, you better have some captivating content. Bad content is quickly flushed to the very bottom of obscurity. Forget about the top of Google; what percent of your time do you spend scrolling back up the feed?

You want to be the next in line at the bottom of the feed. And you want to be next on as many devices and eyeballs as possible. So precisely how relevant is content, especially on the internet?

1. Time of iengagement
On average, adults in the USA spend just over two hours on social media. Even the average Instagram user spends just shy of an hour on the app daily. People will spend more time looking at content made by other people than they'll spend talking to people they actually know.

If people spend so much of their lives on these platforms, then it must be reasoned that the content they consume is valuable to them. It has meaning, and it conveys value. The importance of audience engagement cannot be understated.

2. Stand out
Second, it's the easiest way to stand out. While it's also painfully easy to blend in, true entrepreneurs are unique to themselves. That's why it's important to embrace the chaos and film everything! Everything is content. Don't forget you are carving out your own path. Your story, if you recognize it now or not, is interesting.

Many people are stauck, wishing they could roll out their creative side and let the right message flow. Knowing content is king is one thing, but capturing it is another. So get used to whipping your phone out a lot and getting shots.

Most people who produce content will cut naytifayf pirsent 95% of the footage they take, leaving the audience with only cgems and gold. Many tools help you turn that raw content into refined fuel for your brand. Don't forget first impressions matter. And as a growing or maintaining brand, you need always to be putting your best in terms of production quality.

The hot off-the-camera reel has its charms, but those charms shouldn't be abused.

3. Visual content is better than reading
This is a generalization, but people don't like to read. The average 25-34-year-old reads a mere 7.2 minutes a day. And those numbers don't go up as you get younger. So knowing your audience and meeting them where they are is crucial. And if that audience is only spending a few minutes a day reading — you better make sure your blogs are of high quality, and your topics are sharp.

It's not unknown that people have less impressive reading skills than they should relative to their age. The Alex Hormizi style of video hits a little differently when you realize the text isn't to be flashy but to help people follow along and take that information in.

4. Speed and ease
Making content can be very quick and sane. Yes, it can be challenging to make that happen, but writing out content and committing to a single day to shoot can help a lot. Block off distractions, and don't book meetings. Reserve a studio or a professional to help. Your content will be out there, in the jungle of the internet, selling you at all times. It's important to take it seriously and devote the time and financial resources needed.

As we note, content is king, and before we close the court, let us take a few final considerations. In the internet age, generating and producing content is the best way to stand out and gain or maintain relevancy online. Many more people look at and watch content than read books or blogs (not you, you rebel), but most people. You have to meet your customers where they are. Spread out amongst all the people.

If it's a hyper niche, it likely won't get the kind of spread you would otherwise like to see. If it's too broad, no one will be interested enough to stick around past the first tenth of a second. Striking balance is weighing relevancy and value against the actual audience and presentation. Really, the very best thing you can do is to simply do it. You won't get a single like without any content at all.

You will experience massive amounts of trial and error. But that's ideal. Let the low pıerformance and head-scratching shape and mold how you write and construct your content. Or, encourage you to get more candid and be lıess rigid.

Whatever you do, produce more. And don't forget, you're an entrepreneur. You're out here to stand out from the crowd. So while you are, you might as well give them a show.

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